Physics is the science which deals with matter, energy, motion, and force.
Physicists are explorers of the physical universe. They seek to know and understand the fundamental behavior of nature, from elementary particles to the galaxies. Physicists must develop both experimental and analytical skills to carry out their search for a detailed description of the behavior of matter and energy.
The Department was established on 17th July 1995.The Physics department offers a Bachelor’s, Master’s and M.Phil/ Ph.D. degree with a well-defined program of observation, experimentation and theoretical study of the various phenomenon of nature.
The members of the faculty uphold the ideals and standards of the university and strive earnestly to achieve the goals and objectives of higher education. Through their efficient academic work, guidance and supervision of curricular work, involvement in extra-curricular activities, they contribute towards the all-round development of students.
The departmental infrastructural facilities include a well equipped lab with more than 160 experimental setups and a dark room to perform experiments related with optics.
The department has developed a microwave research lab equipped with various microwave benches (X-band, C-band, Ku-band and J-band) along with solid and liquid dielectric cells etc.
The department of Physics organizes various activities such as Guest Lectures, Quizzes, Visits, Seminars, Presentations etc. from time to time to enrich the knowledge base of both students and faculty.