Start Date: 
Tuesday, 16 January 2018
Start Time: 
(All day)

The IIS University

Department of Physics

Report: Visit to Innovation Hub, Vivekananda Global University,Jagatpura, Jaipur


Date :16th January, 2018                 

The students of M.Sc. Physics (Sem. II and IV) visited the Innovation Hub established and maintained by the Dept. of Physics, VGU, Jaipur under the direction of Prof. Y.K.Vijay, President, VGU and Retd. Prof.Dept. of Physics, University of Rajasthan.

About 60 students of M.Sc. Physics got hands-on experience at the Innovation Hub.

At the outset Prof. Y.K.Vijaywelcomed all the students and the faculty members .The students were divided into two groups so that they couldcomfortably see the working of those projects.  Prof.Y.K.Vijay and Prof. Y.C.Sharma, Dean, Research at VGU personally attended the two group of students.A number of experiments and projects were demonstrated.Most of the experiments were designed by the students who were either working as project associates under some grant or by those who were getting INSPIRE scholarship. The projects were based on the very basic concepts of physics and were made from the materials that are used in our everyday life, like, balls of different diameters, buckets, tubs, plastic bottles etc. All those models or experiments were very innovative. The ideas behind those were not very new but they were highly innovative and low cost models. Some models exhibited there were "vertex formation, an harmonic oscillator, maxwell's top, magnetically coupled oscillator, manual lift with 1/8 effort, reduction of friction, demonstration of Bohr Orbit's, vibration analysis of a system,Lissajous figures, rotation dynamics and many more. They explained everything about those models and the students also tried to operate them. The trip was very much knowledgeable and interesting for everybody. Prof. Y.K.Vijay inspired the students to think innovatively and work for the welfare of society by using their knowledge and resources.