Guest Lecture

IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur

Department of Physics

Report (Guest Lecture)

Date: July 25, 2019

Time: 10:00 AM

Venue: AV Hall, IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur

The Department of Physics organized a guest lecture on Heat Transport and Thermal Devices for the students of physics in AV Hall, IIS University on 25th July, 2019. The speaker was Prof. P.N. Gajjar, who is presently the Head of Department of Physics, Electronics and Space Sciences, University School of Sciences, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.

Dr. Krishna S. Sharma, Advisor, IIS (deemed to be University), felicitated Prof. P.N. Gajjar for the guest lecture.

Prof. Gajjar started the lecture by discussing the common views on physics and physicists. He then informed the students about the various areas where physics is being used extensively and what area still requires exploration. He gave many real-life examples and stated short stories which made the lecture very interesting and interactive. He shared with students, an interesting fact that over 70% of all jobs require awareness of physics, thus broadening their vision about the subject. He also discussed his research work on Functional Material: Thermal Rectification & NDTR (Negative Differential Thermal Resistance). His main idea was about utilizing the heat, generated by the machinery we use (such as computer processor and car engine), for warming the food or for other purposes.

His final remark was- “Put your efforts to utilize the heat generated”.