Guest lecture on “Concept of cosmic energy and a physical theory of motion and gravitation”

Guest speaker: Prof. M.L.Gupta, Retd. Principal, Government College, Bharatpur


A Guest lecture on “Concept of Cosmic energy and a Physical theory of motion and gravitation” was organized by Physics department on 8 March 2016 at A.V.Hall, The IIS University. The guest speaker was Dr. M.L. Gupta, Former Principal ,MSJ Post Graduate College ,Bharatpur. Excitement was in air to meet the 93 years old intellectual. Around 80 students and all the faculties from the department attended the lecture. Prof. K.S. Sharma gave a brief about his works and summarized his book titled “The Concept of Cosmic Energy and Physical theory of motion and Gravitation”. He discussed about a problem with 2nd postulate of relativity wherein c (velocity of light) is considered to be a constant in medium. Dr. Gupta challenged this postulate. There is no dependence of relative motion of particles. He talked about about general theory of relativity: about precession of the perihelion of mercury’s orbit. Dr. Gupta gave info about perihelion & aphelion as well where as Einstein can’t.  He created his theory by taking velocity not to be constant. He said that Einstein made an assumption that velocity of light is constant for all frames of reference but according to Dr. Gupta it is unintelligible assumption and itgave no proof for its time dilation and length contraction there is no theory to explain Lorentz transformation but there is reason for all the experiments by Dr. Gupta.