Guest Lecture

IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur
Department of Physics
Report (Guest Lecture)
Date: March 03, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM 
Venue: AV Hall, IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur
The Department of Physics organized a guest lecture on “Alpha particle scattering and Rutherford Nuclear model of atom” for the students of physics in AV Hall, IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur on 3rd March, 2020. The speaker was Prof. Y. K. Vijay , who is presently the Director, CIST, IIS(Deemed to be University), Jaipur.   Dr. Nidhi Bhargava, Head (Department of Physics) facilitated Dr. Vijay and Ms. Neeraj Kulhari introduced the topic of the lecture to the students. 
In this lecture he discussed about the particles like Alpha, Beta, Gamma and their decay process in Nuclear Physics. After that he showed up the experimental devices & some filters used in the experiment. He also introduced to the students many exclusive examples in scattering within the reference to Rutherford scattering. He also showed a vacuum globe shape device in which lights interact with each other just as in Rutherford nuclear model of atom also discussed about different ranges of particles like why alpha particle has short-range difference.