Guest Lecture on "Celestial Sphere"


Guest Lecture on “Celestial Sphere”


DATE- 11 September, 2018

VENUE- AV Hall, The IIS University, Jaipur

SPEAKER- Mr.Sandeep Bhattacharya, Assistant Director, B. M. Birla Planetarium, Jaipur.

BENEFICIARIES-UG and PG (Physics students)

Organizer: Department of Physics

Mr.Sandeep Bhattacharya was started the lecture with brief introduction about astrophysics. He gave us knowledge about various facts of spherical geometry, spherical triangles, astronomical coordinate systems, coordinate conversions, Measurement of time, sidereal time, mean solar time, equation of time, calendars (lunar, Julian, solar). He explained the difference between “KHAGOL” and “BHUGOL” and then about latitude, longitude then he continued his lecture telling us about time period AM and PM, position of stars, celestial equator. Then he talks about the two concept of time in space and solar day and sidereal day.