National Conference on “Recent trends in Material Science and Nanotechnology”

               National Conference on “Recent trends in Material Science and Nanotechnology”

The department of physics of IIS (deemed to be university) has organized a two day national conference from 18-19 January, 2019 on the Recent trends in Material Science and Nanotechnology. The conference commenced at 10.00am on 18 january 2019 with the inaugural session seeking the blessings of almighty followed by lighting of the lampby all the dignitaries on the dais, after which the Conference Patron Dr. Ashok Gupta, Vice Chancellor, IIS (deemed to be University) extended a warm welcome to all the resource persons, delegates and student participants.Prof. Pradeep Bhatnagar, Dean, Faculty of Science, presented an overview of the science departments of the IIS University. Prof. K S. Sharma, Advisor, acquainted the delegates with the aim and objectives of the conference.

Prof. D. K. Avasthi, Director, Institute of Nanotechnology, Amity University, Noida campus delivered a keynote address on “Nanotechnology for Sustainable Society”.  He discussed the role of nanostructures in various materials of energy, water remediation and health related issues.

In this session, a formal vote of thanks was also presented by me, Dr. Nidhi Bhargava, Convenor of the conference. The inauguration session was followed by 8 invited lectures spread over two days and chaired by luminaries from the field of physics.

The first technical session began at 12.00 noon after tea break; the chairperson of the session was Prof. Y. K. Vijay, President, VGU, Jaipur. Dr. Arun Pratap from M S University, Baroda delivered a first invited talk on “Nano-crystals, Quasi-crystals and the fascinating world of Nano-quasi crystals’’ and interestingly discussed their key aspects at length in light of their significance in the metallic glass research.

Dr. S N Joshi from CSIR-CEERI Pilani deliberated his talk on “Role of materials and technologies in advancement of microwave devices”. This session was concluded by oral presentation made by five Research Scholars.

The second technical session was chaired by Prof. Joshi. In this session two invited lectures were delivered by Prof. Y. K. Vijay, Director, VGU and Dr. Kanupriya Sachdev from MNIT, Jaipur.

Dr.Kanupriya Sachdev reported the effect of TiO2 and NTO (Nb doped TiO2) thickness on the electrical and optical properties of the TiO2/Ag/TiO2 (TAT) and NTO/Ag/NTO(NAN) multilayer films in her talk. The “Importance of light for life” was discussed by Prof. Y K vijay, President, VGU through demonstration of oscillator energy transfer and resonance.

The third technical session was chaired by Dr. D.K. Avasthi. In the first invited lecture Dr. Anami Bhargava interestingly explained an exciting relationship between light and matter in photonic crystals through their basic physical principles and applications.

Dr. Marshal Dhayal from BHU, Varanasi discussed the effects of material surface density on functional group mediated binding events with proteins and pathogens using optical, electrochemical and surface analysis techniques.

Concluding Technical cum Valedictory session started after poster presentation session. Our very own Prof. K S Sharma, advisor IIS deemed to be university is presiding over this session.

Dr. Meenal Bafna from Agarwal P. G. College Jaipur deliberated on “Investigation of electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness of metal oxide doped polymer composite films in layered form.She spoke about thin film preparation of PMMA using different weight of percentage of KMnO4 .

Prof. Vikram Kumar, Dr. Raja Ramanna, DRDO distinguished fellow, Delhi delivered his informative talk on “Gallium Nitride: the new wonder material, starting his talk with a brief introduction to semiconductors leading to gallium nitride development. To encourage scientific research among students and faculty, research paper presentations were also scheduled on both the days. The best oral and best poster presentation will also be awarded in this session. These presentations were judged by a panel of esteemed judges. The judges for oral presentations were Prof. D. K. Awasthi and Dr. Anami Bhargava. The posters were judged by Dr. Meenal Bafna and Dr. Marshal Dhayal. The conference ended with vote of thanks.

This conference must have provided an opportunity to researchers and students to discover new opportunities and challenges in the diverse field of material science including metals, ceramics, glasses, polymers, composite materials, their structure, properties and applications.